Mallorca, average cost of a vacation

With some flamenco instrumental music as background, with my legs tucked under the blanket, whilst the wind is blowing outside, I’ve decided to write a post about the cost of our recent holiday in Mallorca.


Before I even start I need to warn you guys that 7 days will not be enough.

I wasn’t sure if I should book this holiday when I first saw the cheap flight – only 192 pounds per person, from Guernsey – mostly because Mallorca is known for its huge resorts and the expensive all inclusive packages. Luckily, after a short research on Google and after seeing the beautiful exotic beaches and turquoise waters, I couldn’t help but press the blue button and book this flights. Therefore, on the 11th of September we were landing in Palma de Mallorca.

The taxi from the airport to Es Secar de la Real (4 km from the town center) was 25 euros and there are always lots of taxis waiting. We didn’t go for an expensive resort, but chose an affordable hostel instead. A clean bathroom with a shower, a comfortable bed, air conditioning and a good wifi connection were the most important aspects we were looking for and this hostel ticked all of our boxes. We could have stayed in a more touristic area such as Alcudia or Playa de Muro, but the prices there were double or even more. We stayed close to the center of Palma de Mallorca and payed 27 euros per person, per night and took the bus to the other parts of the island.

The bus station was right behind our hostel and each 15 minutes we had a bus going all the way to Plaza Espana (the center of the city) and the main bus station, for only 1 euro and 50 pounds.

The food is not extremely expensive, but not very cheap either. A meal at Burger King was aprox 8 euros, at McDonalds was aprox 6 euro and a 2 course lunch at a local restaurant was aprox 16 euros. For drinks we would go to Mercadona, a spanish chain of supermarkets, where the prices were less than 2 euros, but when we would forget to buy a stock and we’d have to buy some refreshments  from the beach bars we would pay double ( 3 euros 50 for a soft drink and 5 euros for a coffee).

2 lounges, an umbrella and a safe were 13 euros and 50 cents for the whole day.

The buses connecting Palma de Mallorca with the rest of the island were frequent as well and the price depends on the distance, of course. We payed 6 euros per person to get to Playa de Muro (an hour drive).

We didn’t write down all the expenses but checking our balance and assuming you guys would be on a budget too, we can tell you that a 7 days holiday in Palma de Mallorca for two shouldn’t cost more than 1200/1300 euros.

The weather was beautiful and even though it rained a couple of times, it didn’t scare us off. We would either run inside the small shops or still swim ignoring the rain drops. The temperatures were between 27 and 31 degrees.

I’ll come back with things to do in Mallorca and with some of the 100 beautiful beaches this island has to offer.



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