The 10 things I wish Guernsey had

I love this island and I am lucky to be living here. However, there are some things that I miss and I wish I Guernsey had.

10. Sun lounges and umbrellas on the beach

sun lounge

I was so surprised to see that the beaches are completely empty. The view is stunning, but there are no lounges or umbrellas to rent. If you want something similar you have to either carry them with you, either forget about it. Even if I could live without the sun lounge, I really can’t live without the umbrella. The sun is shinning all day long during the summer and my skin could really use some shade.

I am a simple human being. Give me a sun lounge, an umbrella and a good book and I’ll be happy.

9. Direct flights to other countries

I’m sorry to be so picky, but I wish I could go back home without having to wait hours and hours for my interconnecting flight, or to go on holiday without changing 4 planes after waiting 30 hours. But again, I am being picky. Nothing bad about chilling in airports.

8. Proper sidewalks

Me, as a pedestrian I have to either cross the street 10 times because there is a sidewalk only on one side of the road, never on both, either hide in the bushes because two big cars can’t drive past each other without having to use half of the sidewalk. MY sidewalk. Not to mention that I can’t take a normal walk with my fiancee – no holding hands, no talking to each other, no way because there is only space to move in single file.

7. Pools

Not hotel pools, but normal outdoor pools where people pay for the entrance and can relax for the rest of the day.

Pools like this one:


Photo source

6. A mall

Not that I am a big fan of malls but I would love to be able to go only to one place and tick all my grocery list instead of taking the bus and going to 4 or 5 different smaller shops.

5. Lemonade

But the proper one, as in you have to actually use lemonades to make. Or mint. Hell, I’ve been craving for a mint lemonade for months.

The first time that I’ve ordered a lemonade here I was expecting to get something like this:


Photo source

Instead, they’ve brought me this:

You can imagine my disappointment.

4. Fast foods

McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King or Taco Bell. I started a countdown until going on holiday especially because there is a Taco Bell.

3. Non-stop shops

Not even shops, at least one shop. But nope, there is nothing. On a Sunday Co-op closes at 4 pm (as we found out yesterday). The good thing is that Islands stays open until 8 pm and saved us from starving. However, we’ve become better at making grocery lists because of this.

2. Kebab

These people have no idea what a kebab is. We reached this conclusion after trying out some so-called kebabs and throwing away the food. Literally. Our last attempt was the funniest because we ordered two chicken kebabs. What we got instead was just some chicken meat with fries. That’s it. I gave up the idea of buying one, I will just make my own at home.

And by kebab I mean this:


Photo source

  1. Frappe

It doesn’t exist here, wasn’t born yet, no trace of it on the menus, nowhere. I’m crying.


Photo source

IF I am wrong and any of these things do exist here, I apologize, and please let me know. ASAP!





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