Best place to have brunch in town

As much as I love Guernsey, I have to admit it… Omikron (Cyprus) is still the best place to have brunch.

It is located in the old town of Paphos, but it is very easy to find. Opening times: from 07:00 am to 10:00 pm, but if I remember correctly, they stop serving food after 4:00 pm.

We went there as often as possible and tried almost every single item from the menu. It was difficult not to go back. We love everything about this place: the quiet location, the staff, the good music and mostly, we love the delicious food.

Our favorite food for brunch is Croque Madame, but we wouldn’t say no to a prosciutto croissant either.


Their cappuccino is a must as well, but don’t forget to try the smoothies or the milkshakes as well.

They have the complete menu displayed on their Facebook page so you can have a look.

PS: The prices are more than reasonable as well.

PS1: The most ordered item from the menu must be the Nutella Obsession pancakes. Everyone was going there for the pancakes. We went there for the pancakes, but luckily we were hungry enough to try some food.


Craving for pancakes now? Anyone?


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