Cider tasting in Guernsey

As I was thinking about a new post, I remembered that we did something very exciting a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t had the chance to write about it.

We went with our work colleagues on a tour of the local cider farm Rocquees Cider.


We had a walk around the orchards and distillery.  I was impressed by every corner of the huge property and I was taking too many pictures. The tour is a must if you are visiting Guernsey and I can assure you that the guide will win you over from the very first moment. He is a very charismatic Scotsman and even though the tour is very informative he is always telling jokes and making sure that everyone is laughing and having a good time whilst explaining the hard work behind the delicious cider and apple juice everyone is drinking in Channel Islands.


As I was saying, Craig, our guide, took his time and we got to learn about how the apples are harvested and how the cider is made.


We also got to be one of the firsts to find out about some exciting plans for the near future – apple brandy and vodka which they will start to produce very soon.


At the end of the tour we were given two choices: either to go and help with the whole cider making process, either go and have a taste of the final product. This was a very difficult decision to make. However, we choose to have a taste of the ciders, of the local cheese and the chutneys, but also of the delicious fruit liqueurs that they are producing.


For further information and booking tours here is their website.

Oh, and some more pictures taken there:





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