Sea caves, Paphos

By far one of the most spectacular places we’ve seen in Cyprus was Sea Caves, which can be found at the seafront of Paphos, in the Peyia village.

This place is not well advertised and if it weren’t for our petite french friend who went there and recommend it to us, we wouldn’t have seen it. It is kind of complicated to get there. We took the bus from Paphos to the last stop in Coral Bay and tried to walk along the shore, but it was too hot and we were afraid we would get lost so we ended up getting a taxi for the last part of the road.

The place is amazing, not only because of the view, but mostly because it makes you think about the magnificent force of the sea.


We must have spent some time there taking lots of pictures and listening to the waves crashing against the rocks, dreaming about owning a house there. We only had to leave because we almost ran out of water.


We decided to walk back to Coral Bay and I am glad we did, not only because we saved 10 euros, but also because of the places we’ve seen along the way.



If some of you, guys, are in the area you should definitely visit Sea Caves. Take a good camera with you and maybe a scarf. I still regret not taking mine with us. I had some wonderful ideas for pictures since the breeze was stronger down there.

Oh, and don’t forget to stop for refreshments at Oniro by the Sea.

Bar review: Oniros by the sea, Paphos

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Nearby you can also find the Edro III, an 83 meter long, 2,517 ton freighter ran aground in stormy weather in the Sea Caves area of Paphos between Coral Bay and St. George’s Island on 8 December 2011.

The Edro III left Limassol the previous day in bad weather with a cargo of plasterboard bound for Rhodes. The strong winds and rough seas caused the vessel to drift off course when it struck a rock and ran into trouble about ten miles from the shore of Paphos and became disabled.

No love story involved and not too much drama either. However we can let our imagination fly a little bit, right?

PS: We saw one of the most spectacular sunsets here.

Image result for oniro by the sea paphos

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