A little bit of home in Guernsey


To be honest Guernsey feels more like home than many of the places we’ve visited so far, but even so, there are lots of things we still miss. We miss all the events from Bucharest, especially the theaters and the cinemas, the shopping mall, the quality time we used to spend with our families, our dog, our favorite book shop, the nights out with friends, McDolands, the delicious donuts from the corner bakery, and the list could go on.

However today Guernsey surprised us by giving us a familiar smell and taste. We were on our way to Alliance to do a little bit of shopping and passed by Rita’s Hungarian Delicacy. I know we are Romanians, but when it comes to food we might have borrowed a few recipes from our Hungarian neighbors. One of those recipes is the one for Langos, which is exactly what we had today. And it was delicious. We ate it next to Rita’s trailer even though it was windy. As we were there she had costumers all the time and many of them were regulars. It’s not hard to guess why. I bet anyone will understand after their first bite. And the prices are more than affordable as well.


We took a kürtős kalács to go and ate it at The Bridge sitting on a bench. We had to share it with two seagulls but it was fine. The kurtos kalacs was big enough for the 4 of us.


I will leave here Rita’s Facebook page where you can see some other delicacies from the menu, find the exact address and her phone number 🙂

Bon Appétit!




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