Cheap Flight to Palma


As our holiday is close but we haven’t booked anything yet, we were having a look for cheap flights and accommodation basically anywhere and we came across a cheap flight you cannot say no to.

See it for yourselves:

1 palma And to come back:


Book the flights here

Not so cheap flights, but still cheap from London to Palma too:


Book the flights here

Palma might not be as popular as the other Balearic Islands but after we’ve seen some pictures it became one of our next destinations.

September is the last month of summer in Palma. The average temperature this month is expected to be 22°C, a three-degree decrease since August, but still very warm. September is, in fact, the third warmest month of the year, after August and July.

The prices for the accommodation are reasonable. We found on some affordable options from 2 stars hotels to 4 stars hotels.

We couldn’t book anything though. We would have to fly from Guernsey to Manchester first, which would cost us more than the return flights from Manchester to Palma and the accommodation all together.

We still have some time to find another destination, so tell us guys, where are you going on holiday this year?

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