A new beginning

The 24th Avenue has moved to Guernsey.

In case you are wondering, Guernsey is an island in the English Channel. We moved here 3 months ago and it was love at first sight.

How did we end up here? Well, it goes way back. 3 years ago to be more precise.

I was at a job fair and between the sandy beaches from Spain and the breathtaking views from Greece I saw some pictures of this beautiful island.  I couldn’t explain why at the time but I wanted it to be our next destination. Somehow we ended up accepting a job in Cyprus and lived there for the next 2 years.

But if you’re a traveler at heart you won’t be staying forever in one place. Guernsey seemed the perfect place for a change and we didn’t give up. It wasn’t easy to find a job here. In fact we spent most of last winter searching for jobs and having interview after interview, but our efforts were eventually reworded.

It’s not easy to get here either. There are no direct flights so we chose to spend 3 days on the road and enjoy a little bit of England before getting here. We flew from Cluj Napoca to Luton, took the bus to Poole where we spent the night and the next morning we were waiting to embark on the 3 hours ferry to Guernsey.

I haven’t written in a while. I am not sure why. Maybe I needed time to settle in or maybe I lost my inspiration somewhere between UK and Guernsey. Truth be told I just wanted to enjoy the summer. Sunny days here are a true delight. Not as many as in Cyprus but you definitely end up enjoying them more.

I am back now. Not because the summer is almost over, but because I’ve truly missed it.

With love, from Guernsey!

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