10 Tips for Making a Good First Impression at Your New Job


Most of the employers will give you a certain period of time to prove your worth. Most of us have 3 months or even less to convince our boss that she or he should keep us. You don’t need to know everything from the beginning, no one is expecting you to, but you do have to learn as fast as you can.  Also, there are other things you could do too in order to make a good first impression:

10. Be punctual

You can even come 10 minutes earlier so you have enough time to settle in, find out the things that need to be done and organize your day.

9. Ask questions

That is the only way you will learn how to do your job. Take notes when the others explain procedures to you so you don’t have to ask your colleagues the same questions over and over again.

8. Don’t be a loner

During your breaks, instead of being on your phone, try to get to know your colleagues. Talk a little bit about yourself so they can get to know you as well.

7. Say thank you

You will get a lot of help during your first few days or even your first few weeks so make sure you thank the people who helped you along the way.

6. Speak nicely of your previous job

No one wants to hire a person who complains about everything. Even though it was not the best experience you can still find some good parts. Only mention those ones.

5. Don’t gossip

Stay out of the gossip circle. It’s bad for you! Really, really bad. Also, don’t believe everything you hear. Get to know everyone first and judge for yourself.

4. Don’t act like you already know everything

Even though you were the best at your previous job you are still the newest employee at this one so watch and learn. There are no companies exactly the same, nor identical procedures.

3. Don’t ask for more days off, certain days off or a more flexible schedule

You are just starting to work at your new job, your main concern should be learning how to do your job, not getting specific days off. At least for now.

2. Volunteer to do more things

Once you’ve learned everything and you think you are ready for a change you can volunteer to do more things. People willing to take more responsibilities are more likely to get a raise and a more flexible schedule.

1. Be yourself

Don’t try to impress people by pretending to be something you are not. It will become exhausting to keep the mask on for the entire duration of the contract.



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