10 most disappointing endings

I started this list on my mind years ago and today I finally wrote it down. Some of the comments are mine and some of them belong to other angry fans.

10. How I Met Your Mother



“I put up with Ted telling the story of how he met his wife for ten years, and then you end it like that?! I’m livid. ” 

Josh Butler

9. The Mentalist



“I agree. The show should have ended when Red John did.” KAT

I guess I am one of those people. I just didn’t feel the chemistry between Teresa and Jane. Or I just didn’t like the actress at all. Am I the only one who thinks she was terrible? Am I am the only one watching the show because of the main male protagonist and his charisma? So yeah, for me that wedding was kind of forced and I felt like it happened only because fans want it to happen.

8. 2 Broke Girls


Maybe it’s just me, but I wanted Caroline to get back together with Andy. Maybe because of their history together. And their chemistry. And because I really hate a guy in his 30 who is still living with his mom, regardless of the reason. Also. I would have wanted the girls not to be broke anymore. I sort of needed them to get rich in the end because I needed to know that there is hope for other broke people too.

7. Gilmore Girls



“Those last four words and then just a black screen. I did not wait all those years to go back to Stars Hollow just to have a hole in my heart.”

– amandawilsonc

“How in the world could they not let Jess and Rory end up together? And after all those years still leave us with a sentence that could mean so many things for the character’s life? Should’ve just left it the way it was.”

– puckvandenb


6. Gossip Girl



“Dan as ‘Gossip Girl’ makes no sense – they try to explain it but there are so many plot holes. How did Dan end up with Serena when he was literally the worst?! And what happened to all of their college degrees? Did anyone graduate? Did anyone do anything meaningful with their lives other than be rich and get married?”

– cazboline

5. True Blood


As I was watching the ending I felt like I’ve just wasted so many nights of my life. Bill dead? Seriously? Killed by Sookie? And she marries a random guy and becomes pregnant like nothing happened during the last seasons? Not cool.

James says:

I kinda liked this ending better than the book one. Still, I didn’t love it.

4. Castle


First of all it didn’t make any sense. Caleb Brown? He was that influential person, out of reach, that one that no one could stand up against? Really? A lawyer? Sorry, I don’t buy it. It was forced. It was rushed. The same as those last few seconds of Kate and Rick having dinner with their 3 children. I know that the show was cancelled and they had to end it somehow, but they could have done something else. Or just cut off the last seconds and anyone could have imagined anything. Maybe they died, maybe they survived, maybe they did have those 3 children after all or maybe they got sick of everything and bought a deserted island.

3. Dexter



“The show steadily lost quality after Season 4, but the very last episode was soooooooo bad. I was hoping that at least it would end with some semblance of coherence, but it was everything it was never supposed to be. There have been multiple fan-made endings that are 1,000% better than what we got.”

– mandelam

2. Pretty Little Liars


“We waited seven seasons for them to reveal the person behind everything was a character that we’d never even met!”

– eviem48fbd8f63

“Spencer has a secret evil British twin who was involved with the awful British doctor who used to be engaged to her adopted sister? And the twin decided to ruin the lives of her and her friends using a ridiculously complicated board game that blew out poisonous gas? It was complete nonsense.”

– cazboline

1.The Vampire Diaries


Sure, Damon and Elena got their happily ever after and died of old age, but what about the rest of the characters? Why didn’t anyone except from those two get a happy ending? Why did Enzo had to die?  Why did Stefan had to die? So, Enzo and Stefan both dead, Caroline a widow, Bonnie travelling the world by her self because Enzo had to die for no reason. Selfish!

And yes I know that Caroline will appear as a character in The Originals but still… A lot of darkness and tears in the end.





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