10 things I don’t understand about Romania

I think you might want to read this even if you are not from Romania. Maybe it will make you realize that our countries have some things in common or maybe you will realize how lucky you are for not being born here. Either way keep on reading.

10. The more experience you have it will be more difficult for you to find a job. Growing up I always thought that all the internships abroad and projects will help my find a job. They did so but only with my first job. The truth is that it made it difficult for me to get a job. Turns out employers don’t want experienced employees. Employers want students who are almost dying of hunger while studying for exams so they can almost not pay them for the work they will be doing.

9. Even if you somehow manage to find a job you will have to pray for the minimum wage, regardless of your experience. I am not saying I don’t understand the owners of small business because they have to pay all those taxes and they also need a profit but if you pay all of your staff with minimum wage then why do you expect more than a minimum effort from them? Of course they will go home after the 8 hours, of course they will go to the back and eat something during those 8 hours and of course they will do only the tasks mentioned in their duties. Because that’s what you are paying them for. You want them to work extra time? Pay them accordingly. You want them not to go to the back and eat while they should be working? Include a lunch break and everyone will be happy. You want them to take duties from their supervisors and work instead of them? Then you should think about a promotion. With bigger responsibilities there should come more money.

8. All the taxes that we have to pay.  Employees pay social contributions for pension and health amounting to 35% of their gross wages and employers pay a labor insurance tax of 2.25%. Anyway, can someone explain why do we have to pay that much for health? It’s not like you can use our public hospitals. Not without getting something worse than you already had and not without paying extra, a lot extra if you want someone to even look at you. All my family is paying for health insurance and we have never set foot into a public hospital. Oh wait, my mom did years ago and because their diagnosis was wrong she almost died. So never again.

7. All the hate for those who are working abroad. I don’t understand why older people judge people who are working abroad. Why this sudden patriotism? Why should they stay here and pay rent for the rest of their lives? Why should they rationalize food because if they don’t the salaries won’t be enough to cover all the expenses. Why should I stay? I remember a job offer advertised on Facebook. It was a 12 hours job, 2 days of work, 2 days off and the salary was smaller than the minimum wage because the employee only had to look over some children playing while the parents were doing groceries. The employer even said that the employee can do stuff for college while being at work. Oh, really? And what if a child hurts himself or goes missing? What then? Who will be responsible? No one wanted that job and there were voices saying that young people don’t want to work nowadays. So what if it’s the minimum wage? They can get another job during those 2 days off and another part-time job and it will be fine. How is this normal? Why should it be so difficult to survive in Romania? And if it is, I must ask once again, why should we stay?

6. Owners who think they can rent anything and make money. Just have a look at this, let’s call it studio, and you will understand what I am talking about. While searching for rent we’ve seen worse and it is outrageous how owners rip off those students who are just trying to make a better future for themselves. What if their son/daughter would be in the shoes of those who they are renting those dumpsters to? It’s either paying a huge rent for that or taking a loan from the bank and buy your own place. You will probably die before paying for it but at some point in their future your children will be the owners.

5. Besides paying your bills and buying food the local money won’t help you much. The rents are stated is in euros, the prices for the apartments for sale are in euros, the prices for cars are in euros, trips abroad are in euros. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing if the minimum wage in Romania wouldn’t be 1450 Lei which is about 320 euros per month. Rents start from 200 euros per month and the price for a small studio, even in a small and unknown city, starts from 20.000 euros. This is what makes it tragic. Unless someone knows a spell that can turn 1.450 Lei into 1.450 Euros. Then everything would make sense again! Someone? Anyone?

4. Everyone has to have a very expensive phone. I’ve seen people poorly dressed, who haven’t cut their hair in months, talking to such an expensive phone that I wouldn’t even dare thinking to buy. Why? Isn’t something else you might invest your money into? Like those teeth which you are missing or a shirt that doesn’t have holes or stains?

3. Cashiers with very very veeery long fake nails. How could someone wearing these be able to do their job efficiently? Or do it at all. Every single time I see this happening I just want to push her away, scan my own products, pay, take the change and leave.


2. The old people from the subway and bus. I am that kind of person who always lets older people take her place. Even if I just finished a 12 hours shift at the hotel and my but haven’t touched a chair since yesterday, even if their old but just got up from a chair. Even if those short moments while riding the bus or the subway are the only moments during the day that those old people have to stand, I still let them have my place. But I will never understand their attitude. Why they have the block the entrance? Why the people that wants to get off the bus or subway cannot walk past them? Why they have to be rude when asking for someone else’s place? Why they don’t take the window place? And if they don’t take it why they have to block the access to it? They have a better view from the isle sit? Is their bag so much tired than the rest of us and deserves to sit on a chair? Is their bag more important than another person? Do they even realize that the things that they are doing are so rude? Probably. And they still don’t care.

1.Everyone has to go to college. Even if they haven’t graduated from high school. Seriously, there are some private Universities which will take students and let them graduate from high school in the next 2 or 3 years. And let’s put this straight. Not everyone is college material. Going to a public University and being the last candidate who got into Spiru Haret are two very different things. I think that in the near future we will have to move because our toilet broke or because a pipe is leaking. I mean, who will come to fix it? One of those 250 PRs who just graduated? Or one of the 3.450 managers who recently got their diplomas?



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