How to book the cheapest flights possible

Even though I like to a have look at possible flights to certain destinations from time to time, I cannot say that I’ve always booked the cheapest flights. There are several tricks that any of us should keep in mind when they start hunting down the cheapest flights possible.


10. Best day to book: Monday

9. Best day to fly: Friday or Wednesday

8. Set a price alert and wait. A few days could save you some cash.

7. Fly with two different airlines. Lately, most of the companies sell one-way flights at affordable prices. You can even change the departing airport if it’s cheaper.

6. Book the earliest flight from that day. No one wants to wake up that early but those are always the cheapest.

5. Book 6 weeks in advance. It’s risky to wait any longer. The prices rarely drop as the departing date aproaches.

4. Book a connecting flight. If you are not in a hurry to get to the destination you can always take a detour and save more money.

3. Use multiple travel portals to find the cheapest flight. I normally use MomondoKiwi and Skyscanner but there are a lot of other options.

2. Flexibility is important. Choose the month when you would like to travel and then choose the cheapest day to leave and the cheapest one to come back.

1. Search for sale fares and choose the low cost companies. For travelling around Europe I always choose WizzAir or BlueAir




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