How to Read More Books


We think about how many books we want to read at the beginning of the year. We set the objective and maybe we set a smaller objective each month. 4 books per month or 3 books per month. Sounds familiar? But do we manage to read that much? I have a system that has never failed me. 10 tricks you should try as well:

10. Read only books that you like

I stopped trying to finish books that I don’t like. It’s pointless to carry on if you don’t like the subject at all, if it’s boring, if it makes you think about something else. Just leave it. It will become a burden and you will be stuck for too many days. Use that time to read something that you actually enjoy.

9. Read each morning at least 15 pages

Don’t get up from your bed as soon as you wake up and instead of being on your phone for half an hour or even more why don’t you read 15-20 pages? That is 420-600 pages per month. What if you read 15 more before going to bed?

8. Take your book/kindle with you everywhere

It’s better to read while waiting at a cue or while riding the subway.

7. Keep a list of all the books you have read

Seeing the actual list and adding one more to it motivates me to read more and more. This could work for you as well.

6. Talk about the book you are currently reading

Maybe you will find someone who has read it already and he/she might give you the boot you need to finally finish it.

5. Read multiple books at a time

Maybe you are reading a motivational book and you cannot focus all the time. Sometimes you are tired and you only want something easy to read before going to bed.

4. Listen to audio books

When you walk to work or school, when you are coming back home, while brushing your teeth. Should I carry on?

3. Have a reading day per month

Stay indoor, drink some tea and read as much as you can or on the contrary, go to a park with a blanket and take some snacks along.

2. Join a book club

To make sure you read at least one book per week and to meet interesting people.

1.Find a referral source

A trusted person who reads a lot and knows what she/he is talking about.





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