10 life lessons learned by the time I turned 24

Life has its own ways of giving us lessons, but it’s up to us if actually learn something or keep making the same mistake over and over again. These are 10 of the most important life lessons I’ve learned so far.

10. If you really feel that you are good at something then you are probably right. I am not saying that you should keep singing if you scare even the crows that are hanging out in the trees across from your street, but if your gut instinct tells you that you are good at something, then chances are, your gut is right and you should keep doing that thing. I gave up the biggest passion of my life only because other people told me it was pointless. Guess what? It wasn’t! It wouldn’t have been. And this takes me to number 9 ->

9. Asking yourself over and over again how things could have been is pointless. The only thing that this entire process could bring to you are a couple of sleepless nights. Making up scenarios in your head is even worse. It doesn’t matter if the scenarios are about past or future events, they are both just as useless. You cannot change the past and the future is just as unpredictable as the weather of the Scottish islands. Even counting sheep is time better spent than this.

8. It’s ok to ask for help sometimes. We all want to be in control and seem strong all the time at all costs but the truth is… We are all humans. And it’s ok to feel overwhelmed sometimes. By work, by errands or by feelings. We all need a hand or a shoulder sometimes. And that’s ok.

7. People change and it’s not your fault. Friends come and go, they say. And they are right. I remember how I used to try and keep in contact with people that clearly didn’t want to speak to me. Or not as often as I wanted or needed them to. Just because you grew up together and you shared the same sandwich in high-school it doesn’t mean that you will be friends forever. People change, priorities change and  it’s ok if, in time, you change too.

6. Your job is not your life. Of course, you have to do your best and you need to become better at what you do, but those 8 hours of work are only meant to help you pay the bills. And if you are lucky that holiday that you’ve been planning since last Autumn, but life starts outside that office and you shouldn’t let your job interfere with your life. And if it does than maybe you should change it. You only get one life, but jobs, you can get as many as it takes until finding the one that will fit perfectly in your life.

5. Not everyone likes you and you have to accept that. You don’t like every single person that you get in contact with, am I right? For some of them you might have good reasons that make you want to avoid them, but others… They just annoy when they chew something or when they pronounce a certain word or even when they breath near you . I know I have my list of annoying people. And I know I am on other people’s list of annoying people too. And I just don’t care anymore. It was a long process but I finally got here.

4. You might fall in love with the wrong person. And even though at the beginning you think you have just found the one, even tough everything seems perfect, at some point you know. Maybe he/she stopped listening to you while you were talking about something really important to you or maybe he/she lied about their past, damn, maybe he/she is a manipulator or even an abusive person. And at some point you just know. And even if it hurts, even if you love him/her and you are convinced that your life will be hollow without that person, you have to go. Because you deserve better, because you love yourself more. There is an honest person waiting for you in a coffee shop somewhere. And you are wasting precious time and feelings on the wrong person. It will hurt, but it will get better. You will be better than you are right now.

3. You failed? So what? Someone once told me that our failures help us course-correct our way to success. Every time you fail, you learn something and the next time you’ll do it better. Or you will fail again. But what if you never start? How can failure be worse than not even starting? Don’t let that fear to guide you because in time it will kill all your dreams.

2. Write it on a piece of paper and make it happen! Don’t think about how it’s done or which steps to take in what order. Just think about that one thing that you really want and imagine that it already happened. Don’t cheat! It has to be something that you want and not what others wish for you. If you don’t want to get married don’t wish for a husband/wife just because your family insists that it’s time. If you don’t want to invest all your money into an apartment then don’t call real estate agents. Maybe you just want a Polaroid and a one way ticket to Thailand and press pause to your boring life for a year. Anything that you want…Just write it down and make it happen!

1.Try to become a better version of yourself every day. Read more, go to the theater, learn a new language, make new friends, learn to apologize for your mistakes, achieve more from those life goals that you write at the beginning of each new agenda. Do things for yourself and don underestimate how important you are. For your family, for your friends , but especially to you.


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