10 ways to make money working from home

I know that all of us want to have more sources of income. It’s been one of my desires for years and it took me some time to get there. I’m guessing all of you had to deal with scams and met some liars on the way, am I right? I will give you some of the options that I tried over these years and really worked for me.

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10. Write paid articles or translate articles if you speak another language

I didn’t try any of the well known online platforms. I only searched for creative writing collaborations or translation collaborations and I found 2 permanent jobs as a writer in my native language. It’s a collaboration contract and I write as much as I want and only if I have free time to spare. It doesn’t make me rich, but it’s better to write an article for 2-10 euros than to waste time online. I think that a permanent collaboration it’s better than to have to search permanently for gigs on different platforms. You can use different sites where employers advertise jobs in your own country. From time to time there should be some writing jobs available.

9. Sell your photos or join contests online

There are many sites that you can try. I’ve been only using Gurushots and Photomoolah so far. To be honest, I haven’t won more than 30 dollars so far, but maybe you have better chances to win the contests. You don’t even need to have a professional camera. Phone cameras will do just fine.

8. Find a job as a recruiter and work from home

There are plenty of agencies willing to hire you to work from home. You make your own schedule and you only have to post the job offers, receive the resumes from the candidates and have a short talk with them. The call can be made via skype for instance. Probably you will get a collaboration contract as well and you will receive commission only when and if you find people, but there are some agencies which might pay you a salary pus commission.

7. Find a job as a customer service agent working from home

You can find plenty of job offers out there and the companies will give you a paid training and all the assistance that you need. You even have an option for part-time schedule, evening schedule or weekend schedule only. You only need to remain calm under pressure and have a good and fast internet connection.

6. Rent your spare room for tourists

Hoping you can still use Airbnb in your country this could be a pretty good way to make some more money. Once per month or every two months I normally get someone crashing on my comfortable couch. Also a good way to make friends from all over the world.

5. Write an e-book and self publish it

It could be a children’s book or a motivational book or some advice about faster learning or language learning. You could write about anything that you are good at and then self publish your book using Amazon maybe? I will finish my book soon and I think I will use Amazon to put my baby out there into the world. If you have any other ideas, please, feel free to share them with me. Before it’s too late 🙂

4. Teach something that you are really good at

It could be cooking or photography or English literature or art. You can either do it online or by posting an ad in your home town and then you can wait for people to call you. I teach English grammar from time to time or Romanian literature.

3. Start a blog

Pick a passion and write about it. If you persevere and don’t give up, it will bring you some income eventually. Either because others are clicking on the ads posted on your site, either because someone wants you to make them some publicity for money or maybe just because you are awesome, but it will be worth it.

2. Start a YouTube channel

It can be blog related, it can be a gaming channel or lifestyle channel or just different tops like our channel. Just put it there and wait.

1. Maintain fan pages

You spend most of your time on Facebook or Instagram anyway. Why not do it with a purpose? I just had a quick search on Ejobs and found 2 or 3 jobs. You get to work from home and if you are fast, it shouldn’t take too much from your time to edit a photo and conceive a message.

Any other recommendations? What have you tried and worked for you?

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