10 things you shouldn’t spend your money on

I am sure that from time to time all of us think about unnecessarily things they could cut off their lists, in order to save more money. And even if you don’t want to save more money, there is no need to spend it on this kind of things.


10. Energy drinks and soda

We all know they are bad for us. Why do we keep buying them? And pay a lot of money to get something that is bad for our health?

9. Garbage bags

I am pretty sure all of us have a drawer somewhere in the kitchen filled up with bags. We all buy them when we go shopping without a bag. And we all store them for the next time that we will go shopping and guess what? We never take them out from that drawer, instead we keep adding more inside of it. We could use them as garbage bags instead. And after we run out we could buy the cheaper ones. The garbage won’t mind.

8. Coffee to go

As I previously said here, don’t buy coffee to go. Make your own coffee at home and use a thermos to keep it warm. It’s way more expensive to buy a cup everyday. I know it because I spent 1950 euros only on coffee to go. In only three years.


This is not only an expensive habit, but it’s also very bad for you. I don’t know just how difficult could it be for a smoker to quit smoking because I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, but I am sure anyone could do it. As long as there are people out there who succeed in their attempt and lived to tell the story, you can do it too. 1680 euros per year. Approximately.

6. Fast food or delivery food

It’s fine if you only do it only now and then, but if it becomes a habit then you should consider cooking more often. Throw away all the delivery menus and run every time you pass by a McDonald’s. That soup that you cooked yesterday will go bad if you keep eating out.

5. Home decor and other unnecessarily stuff

I used to do it as well. I was addicted to Jumbo, English Home and so many other shops and spent a lot of money on things that I didn’t really need. What it worked for me was just asking myself “Do I really need this vase?” “Do I really need these artificial flowers?”. The answer was no, I didn’t really need them and you don’t need them either. Put that back on the shelf!

4. Don’t change your phone every year

Unless your phone it’s completely ruined, you don’t need need a new one. There will always be a better phone that you could buy. Is it really worth it? Didn’t you get attached to your phone? You will hurt its feelings by getting a new one each year. And your wallet will be left alone.

3. For women: don’t go to the hair/nail salon so often. Natural beauty, ladies, be natural!

For men: don’t spend so much money on games. Try the free ones. I am sure you don’t have so much free time though.

2. TV cable

This is someone who has paid for her TV cable for at least 2 years without turning the damn thing on. Not even once per week. I used to watch some shows on TV, but then I realized that I could watch it a few days later. Without all the advertising. Less time, no money. Win-win. Read a few pages before bed. You will sleep better.

1.Online shopping

Delete all the apps that you are using to order stuff online. They might be cheap but all those cheap things, they will add up. I used to order bags and accessories online but they all got ruined after their first rain. Not cool. Uninstall those apps! Now!

What else would you add to the list?

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