10 ways to get more organised

Do you ever feel like you the day has just passed by and you did absolutely nothing? All day long? I know that feeling, but I will tell you what I do in order to stop procrastinating and get more things done!

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1.Wake up in the morning, drink your coffee and have breakfast! I noticed that if I wake up later than 10 o’clock I just get the feeling that I won’t have enough time to get things done and I loose interest in even starting to do something. Things change if at 9 o’clock I am already checking my to do list for the day!

2.Make a To Do List for the day! Write down the important things first and you will see that after completing the first point on your list you will be more and more motivated to get things done. Break everything into little steps. I’ve noticed that if I put a big task that will take me hours to complete I have a tendency to postpone it. If I break it into little steps I get more and more motivated as I cross them out!

3.Always start with the more difficult tasks! In the morning you can focus more and you have more energy to put into your job. Besides, if the last tasks on your list are easy, you will want to finish them today instead of postponing them.

4.Put away your phone, turn off your Facebook notifications and e-mails and stay focus as much as you can. Once per hour you can get up and walk a little bit, drink some water and have a very short break.

5.Reward yourself! If I get everything done by the end of the day I reward myself either with a hot bath with foam, or I buy my favorite dessert or I do something that I really like. Do the same and you will feel motivated!

6.Talk with your family and friend about you plans! This will add some extra pressure on your shoulders because you will be left with only 2 options: get the things done or be embarrassed by not doing so.

7.Hang out with a group of people that can motivate you! I am not saying you should stop hanging out with your friends if they are, let’s say, lazy, I am just saying that changing the group some times might give you a different perspective. Seeing what others have achieved might motivate you more!

8. Don’t worry if things are not perfect! Getting things done is so much better than not even starting them. You can have a look latter on and improve some parts.

9.Imagine yourself having accomplished your goals! I don’t know about you but the feeling that I get when I visualize myself at the end of the day, closing the agenda and knowing that everything is crossed out from my to do list, makes me want to work more.

10.Learn how to say NO! How many times did you have your day scheduled and it changed just because someone needed you to do something else or go somewhere else? The most important thing is to prioritize. Say no if doing what other people want you to do stops you from doing your own things!

What about you? What works best for you?

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2 thoughts on “10 ways to get more organised

  1. One thing I do that helps me get more done and stay on task is if something is going to take me less than 5 minutes I do it right then. It prevents me from putting the little stuff off and actually make progress through my to do list!

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