How to save more money!

Don’t say you can’t do it! It worked just fine for me, so I think you should try this!

save more money

I will tell you how I managed to save some money while I was studying in Bucharest. To be honest I didn’t work too much…I was a full time student, after all ! But I had my parents who were always sending me the same amount of money every month and a scholarship. All together it wasn’t a huge amount, not for a big and expensive city as Bucharest, but somehow I saved enough money to make me feel proud.

1.Share an apartment with other people. Instead of paying 250 euros per month for the rent, you will pay up to 80 euros.

2.Take the subway or the buses instead of a taxi. You could even walk sometimes.

3.If you decide, from time to time, to eat at a restaurant you’d better go during the week and choose to have lunch instead of dinner. They have very good offers and big menus for lunch.

4.If you are a student use your student card as much as you can to get things at half price: subway and bus passes, show it to pay your entrance at the museums, theaters and cinemas, even some bars will give you some discount when you go out.

5.Do the groceries only once per week. Set a maximum amount which you are willing to spend and cut off the list everything that is not necessary.

6.Write down every little thing that you are spending money on. By the end of the month you can check it again and see where you could have saved some more money.

7.Choose a monthly amount that you want to save. Even if sometimes you might loan some money from yourself make sure to put it back!

8.Don’t buy your coffee to go, as I did. Do it yourself at home and take in a thermos with you. If you buy a coffee every day, on your working days, it will cost you 650 euros per year. That is about 1950 euros spent on coffee during the 3 years as I was studying at the University. Holly ****!

9.Don’t go out every weekend! It won’t kill you if you go out only twice per month.

10.Keep all the coins. When I was little I was saving everything and putting them in packages of 10 and when I thought I had enough I was sending my grandfather to change them for me. For sure he was putting some more because now I don’t save as much as I did when I was a little girl. Anyway, every 3 or 4 months I save about 40-50 euros in coins.

Here is an extra one: Try to go a day or two during the week without spending anything at all. I was very happy at the end of the day when I could write down on my notebook -> amount spent: 0.

If you have some more tricks, please feel free to share them with us!

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