Top 10 lottery winners who lost everything

Winning the lottery is something that most of the people wish for. And they buy tickets and hope to win again and again, without ever being so lucky. But sometimes it happens though. Here you have a top of lottery winners who made bad decisions and lost everything – some of them lost their lives.

loterry win

The order is aleatory considering the fact that some of the stories are tragic and some of them are kind of funny.

10.Jeffrey Dampier

jeffreydJeffrey used the $20 million he won in 1996 to start a popcorn business and to purchase presents for family members. Among his family members was his sister-in-law Victoria Jackson who turned on him in 2005, when she and her boyfriend Nathaniel Jackson plotted to rob Dampier and shot him dead.                                 They were both arrested and what they got, instead of Jeffrey’s money, was a life sentence in jail. Each.

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9. Billy Bob


In June 1997, Billy Bob won $31 million. He was both a religious man and a generous one. He was making large donations to his church and to its members. If they ever needed help he was right there to help them. And for him and his family, Billy Bob bought them all houses and cars. But the people who wanted money kept coming and coming. Everything that was going on put an ever-growing pressure on his marriage and in February the following year Billy Bob and his wife split. The man lived for his family and he couldn’t believe what wealth had done to him. On May 22, 1999, not even two years after his jackpot win Billy Bob committed suicide.

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8.William “Bud” Post


He was, unfortunately, the victim of the common phenomenon that lottery winners have to go through: family members coming out of the nowhere assuming that they are entitled to a chunk of the cash for no reason other than that they are related. When Post won $16.2 million in the lottery, his girlfriend sued him for some of his winnings. And she actually won her case. His brother attempted to hire a hitman to kill him so that he could get the money for himself – he failed. His other siblings persuaded him to make bad investments that left him $1 million in debt and living off social security checks at the time of his death.

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7.Janite Lee


She was one of the rare lottery winners who chose to spend her money on someone other than herself. Lee, was an immigrant from South Korea and she was working at a wig shop. After moving her family into a community in St. Louis into a million-dollar house, she spent much of her $620,000 a year on philanthropic efforts. Her political contributions helped her meet in person Bill Clinton and Al Gore, and her educational donations put her name on a reading room at the Washington University School of Law. Unfortunately, while she was giving away her lottery earnings, Lee was protecting a financial secret. Remember that million-dollar house she had bought for herself and family? Yeah, about that… Instead of buying it with her lottery windfall, Lee purchased it on payments. In addition to this mortgage, she leased luxury cars and reportedly borrowed millions more from banks and credit cards. Even when she tried to make financially savvy moves, such as paying off a loan ahead of schedule, she ended up deeper in debt by owing $750,000 in early payoff penalties. By 2001, Lee had sold the rights to future lottery payments and filed for bankruptcy. She was $2.5 million in debt. Now didn’t this escalated quickly?

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6.Alex Ahsoak


He won about $500,000 in the lottery and he used it to benefit his nonprofit organization, a group that aided victims of sexual abuse. Noblegestore some would say.  No, nott really, because Alex Ahsoak was a sexual offender himself. He molested two girls under the age of 13, one in 1993 and one in 2000, and no one actually knew this until he won the jackpot and the media dug up the info. He served his time in jail for that and maybe he was regretting what he did, but not too long later, Ahsoak was attacked while walking down the street, and hit repeatedly in the head with a pipe that left him severely injured. Maybe he should have kept hidden his identity.

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5.Amanda Clayton

amanda clayton.jpg

Now, this case is quite unique. Want to know why? Because Amanda won $1m and she continued to take her food stamps. Why? Someone please tell me why would you do that? From various news accounts, it seemed like Amanda had a ton of newfound “friends.” All wanting to take advantage of her, of course. Eventually, she was found guilty on charges for welfare fraud. Her sentence was 9 months of probation and a $5,500 fine. In the end, she died of drug overdose.

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4. Michael Carroll


He was a 19-year-old British garbage man when he won about $15 million in the lottery. He started to spend the money by buying presents for family and friends. End of the story. Neah! This was only at the beginning. Then, he begun spending, not so innocently anymore, on things like cocaine, gambling, prostitutes and alcohol. Eight years later, he’s broke and back to working as a garbage man. Father of two, he also tried to commit suicide twice.

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3.Callie Rogers


She won the lottery when she was only 16 and living in a foster care. She immediately quit her job, as many of us would, and started to spend the money. On what she spent that money, well, that is the problem:

  • £11,500 on two boob jobs
  • £300,000 on clothes, make-up and tattoos
  • £85,000 on top-of-the-range sports cars
  • a quarter of a million pounds on cocaine.
  • £250,000 on holidays
  • £118,000 on gifts to former boyfriends
  • £190,000 in un-returned loans to friends and family members

She also bought herself a bungalow and for her mom a pretty expensive house. At age 26 she had only 2.000 dollars left on her bank account and she was training to become a nurse. Callie insisted that she is much happier now when she is living a ‘normal’ life.

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  1. Evelyn Adams


She won the lottery twice. In 1985 and once again in 1986. The final amount was about $5,4 million dollars, but instead of just living a happily ever after life because she wouldn’t have to work for a single day like ever again, she decided that instead of living a carefree life it would be more excited to gamble everything. Now she is living in a trailer. And yes, she is broke again.

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1.John Ross Jr.


In 2012, he won 70,000 dollars per year for a period of 20 years. I don’t want to calculate the total amount. When interviewed after the win was announced, John said that he was going to use the money to purchase a car. The young man had never owned a car before and this was gonna be his first dream to become true. Things went beyond expectations soon after. Eventually, John was arrested for the attempted theft of a Honda Civic. Ironically, John had to use some of the money that he won from the lottery to bail himself out of jail. Why? Just why?

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What would you do with the money in case you would win the lottery?



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